Let's get started! Please select any of the following benefits that you would like to achieve as part of your project

Climate Resilience
Energy use reduction
Reduced carbon footprint for food consumption
Climate change mitigation
Reduction of urban heat island effect
Increased carbon storage
Carbon offsetting
Decreased air temperatures
Reduction of heat stress
Provision of thermal comfort zones
Water Management
Reduced flood risk
Enhanced water security
Reduced irrigation costs
Increased rainfall storage
Improvement in water quality
Improvement of ecological status of water body
Improved management of water resources
Increased infiltration of rainfall
Greenspace Management
Increased recreational value of green/blue spaces
Providing recreational opportunities
Increased public access to green/blue spaces
Increased ecosystem service provision
Increased green/blue space area
Better strategic planning of green/blue space
Improved natural asset management
Increased area of unsealed surfaces
Increased number of community gardens
Improved equitable access to community gardens
Improved planning of community garden distribution
Increase in local food production
Improved ecosystem service planning
Reduced social inequalities of access to green/blue spaces
Equitable access to local food production
Improved food security
Biodiversity Management
Biodiversity conservation
Increased connectivity of green/blue spaces
Increasing genetic transfer between fragemented populations
Good ecological status
Increased ecosystem resilience
Air Quality
Air quality improvement
Pollution reduction
Place Regeneration
Enhanced opportunities for tourism
Sustainable urban planning
Improved access to public amenities
Reduced transport distances and vehicle use
Improved urban planning
Increased cultural value
Enhanced social interaction through increased visitor numbers