Frequently Asked Questions

How does CO-IMPACT work?
CO-IMPACT guides you step by step through an intuitive process, where the user selects the targets they intend to reach with their NBS/ project, and the tool provides a set of indicators adapted to these benefits.

As a final result, the user will obtain a custom-made plan for their project, with a description of each of the selected indicators, the scientific evidence behind it, as well as the recommended methodology and instruments for its measurement.
What is an indicator?
Indicators are developed to provide a standard by which to measure the progress of projects in terms of performance, impact, cost-effectiveness, etc. Through the CO-IMPACT steps you will be able to obtain indicators to evaluate the impacts of your intervention in the areas of Health and wellbeing; Social cohesion; Environmental, Economic and Participatory Planning and Governance.

Examples of indicators in these categories are: Enhanced Physical Activity, Place Attachment, Species Diversity, New Businesses 'Attracted' or Started, and Transparency of Co-production. The indicators were developed as part of 'Evaluating the impact of nature-based solutions: a handbook for practitioners'.
How can I measure an indicator?
Each indicator has a guide document or factsheet associated with it. This document provides a summary and full description of each indicator, proposed methodologies for measurements and obtaining data, along with the scientific evidence behind these methodologies and the indicator’s importance.

Some indicators have multiple recommended methodologies, based on project scale, timescales etc.
What is the difference between Core and Feature indicators?
Core indicators are critical to evaluating all NBS, therefore they are recommended for all cities in order to create a holistic evidence-based framework for nature-based solutions.

Feature indicators align closely with city strategic priorities but may not be relevant to all NBS projects and are considered on a case-by-case basis.
What will I get as a final report?
CO-IMPACT users will be able to obtain an Impact Assessment Plan for free, adapted to the characteristics of their project. This plan is included in a downloadable pdf document that contains all the indicators proposed by CO-IMPACT and selected by the user.
Who do I contact if I encounter any issues?
If you have any issue about the operation of the CO-IMPACT, you can contact Gillian Dick from Glasgow City Council ( or David Tomé Lourido from the University of A Coruña (
Where can I provide feedback about CO-IMPACT?
We are always happy to help and willing to improve the system for our users. If you have any feedback around functionality or the CO-IMPACT process, please contact Gillian Dick ( or Rania Sermpezi ( from Glasgow City Council, or Adina Dumitru ( or David Tomé Lourido ( from the University of A Coruña.
Who owns CO-IMPACT?
CO-IMPACT was developed within the Connecting Nature project, and the authors under copyright are as follows:
  • Adina Dumitru (University of A Coruña)
  • David Tomé Lourido (University of A Coruña)
  • Gillian Dick (Glasgow City Council)
  • Rania Sermpezi (Glasgow City Council)